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Road map to success

Updated: May 27, 2020

Stand out while applying for jobs!

A CV is the representation of what you have done as well as how your acquired skills fit in with the job you are applying for. A good understanding of the industry is important to know the best keywords to use.

Let your CV do the talking

Before you meet your prospective employer, ensure your CV does the talking.

The main components of a good CV


It's vital for a CV not only to sound good but look good. The layout is important both for visuals and ready to be ready for ATS ( Applicant Tracking Software) a system used by the majority of recruiters to assist in filtering applicants before getting your CV to the employers. It works by scanning the CV for industry keywords. CVs with the right keywords (or a closer match) get shortlisted.

Attract multiple recruiters

A good CV surely turn heads, become wanted.

The CV must have a good professional introduction, show accomplishments and overall be easy to read.

Finishing touches

To be successful, you will need to ensure your online presence represent what is on your CV. Updating your LinkedIn profile is effective in job applications. Also ensure you apply with a well targeted cover letter and always be professional when speaking with recruiters or potential employers.

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