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Laptop Writing


This option is available to those who prefer to write their CVs - particularly if the CV will need adapting numerous times. It's an opportunity to acquire a life long skill to always be successful when applying. We can show you the magic of writing your own CV guaranteed to attract recruiters/employers and pass through ATS - The Applicant Tracking Software is used by the majority of recruiters to assist in filtering applicants before getting to the employers, and it works by scanning the CV for industry keywords. With many applicants applying for any one job, knowing what to do will set you apart. Our service will include:

  • How to structure your CV

  • Including the right keywords

  • Fleshing out achievements

  • Right Fonts and layout

  • How to draft a powerful Cover Letter

  • Creating your LinkedIn Profile

Contact us here to get started.

Writing Documents


Acquire the skills to write CVs from home for agencies, work in recruitment or write CVs for your friends. The training will give you the opportunity to write CVs for any industry and across the world with no prior experience. We will also refer you to CV writing jobs once you have completed the training. The training will include:

  • Understanding the job industry

  • Determining what your clients want

  • Creating well-written CVs

  • Adapting Cover Letters

  • LinkedIn profiles and their use

  • Aftercare / support

Contact us here to get started.

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